Feb 082010

Spring’s support for scripting languages allows you to extend your Java applications with beans defined in a scripting language, such as Groovy. Spring container transparently instantiates, configure and dependency injects the beans across these supported languages. Beans defined in a scripting language like Groovy come with some handy advantages such as ability to “refresh” the already loaded Groovy classes when the underlying source files change. Continue reading »

Aug 132009

VMWare has acquire SpringSource, a major player in enterprise and web application development and management. VMware and SpringSource plan to deliver compelling new solutions that enable companies to more efficiently build, run and manage applications within both internal and external cloud architectures. Continue reading »

Apr 292009

rob_jamesRob James is the CTO of Aegeon and one of the earliest adopters of Groovy and Grails for real world software. In this interview with IndicThreads he tells us why Aegeon chose Groovy and Grails to build their enterprise web2 & social networking product, Spaceo.us. He talks of the challenges in getting web2 and social media ideas into enterprise software. He also shares when one should consider using emerging technologies and how to go about adopting them. Continue reading »

Mar 302009

SpringSource has introduced the SpringSource University, which offers training paths for Java development tools and platforms, including Spring, Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTPD, Groovy, Grails, and SpringSource’s commercial product offerings. Continue reading »

Nov 262008

After the inaugural address from Dr. Natarajan and the keynote from Dr. Anand Deshpande at the 3rd IndicThreads.com Conference On Java, started the technical sessions. First up was Sidda Eraiah speaking on “Future of the Internet”. He talked about HTML 5, Web Sockets, Java and Comet. He showed it with the help of a game demo. He answered the concerns as to why there is a need for WebSocket driven Rich Internet Applications. He insisted on the need for real time data, web application architecture, polling and streaming method of data transfer. He gave a brief outline about the specifications of HTML 5 and web sockets.
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Nov 112008

SpringSource, the company behind Spring, has acquired G2One Inc., the company behind the popular Groovy and Grails technologies. With the acquisition of G2One, SpringSource will now offer global enterprise support offerings for developers and IT operations that utilize Groovy and Grails applications.
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