Mar 092011

The 2nd Annual Conference On Software Quality will be held on 25-26 March 2011 in Pune, India. The conference is an independent event on software quality and the place to discuss new developments & tackle issues and hurdles in ensuring software quality. Continue reading »

Feb 012011

IndicThreads is pleased to announce the call for speakers for the 2nd annual conference on Software Quality & the 2nd annual conference On Upcoming Technology. The upcoming technology for the 2011 conference is Cloud Computing.
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Mar 262010

TestQuest CountDown enables quality assurance teams to automate tests and testing cycles across a range of operating systems and device types. TestQuest CountDown 3.0 features usability improvements, increased user productivity, and expanded support for the Android operating system. Continue reading »

Mar 042010

Gorilla Logic has released FlexMonkey 1.0 GA which it claims to be a de facto standard for automated functional testing of Flex applications. After eight months of maturing in a beta status, FlexMonkey is now available for production use by developers and quality assurance professionals everywhere.  Continue reading »

May 132009

AutomatedQA has released TestComplete 7 featuring script-free automated test creation and major upgrades to increase usability. TestComplete is a automated software testing tool used by companies around the world to increase software quality and reduce the cost of QA and software testing. Continue reading »