Apr 092009

Python no longer is the only language supported by the Google App Engine. Google has today announced Java support on the Google App Engine. This could very well be the most important development to affect Java development in recent times. Continue reading »

Mar 232009

The Spring framework emerged as a lightweight alternative to EJBs and heavy application servers and has been consistently growing in popularity. Spring creator Rod Johnson in a recent keynote has suggested that Java app servers are a dead technology. Continue reading »

Nov 152006

RubyOnRailscreatorDavidHeinemeierHansson Few years back, a lot of developers were tending to hear about Python than about Ruby, so a lot of them shifted to Python. Now, Its likely to have heard about Ruby, especially Java enthusiasts seems to have a love-hate relationship with Ruby and ROR. While there are some who feel it’s over hyped, there are others who feel that Rails is the coolest web application. So who better to talk about Ruby on Rails than the creator of ROR, David Heinemeier Hansson.
In this interview David talks about the growth of Rails and its features. He also tells us why Rails is relevant to Java developers.

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