Mar 152007

The Google Summer of Code is an annual program first held during the summer of 2005. It’s a program that helps student developers to create new open source programs.

The goal of this program is to get university students familiar with open-source software development by working on a summer-long coding project. Participants not only have an opportunity to work on a challenging project, but also receive a stipend of $4500!

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Aug 062006

According to the survey done by O’Reilly, Javascript and PHP continues to lead in the book sales, while Python and actionscript are in the last position. There is a considerable rise in the book sales for Ruby as they have now passed sales for Perl books as well (they passed book sales for Python in the last year). Book sales statistics shows the dominance of Javascript and PHP, does that indicate the popularity?

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Jul 102006

Alexander Limi, the main person behind the Plone, recently announced that he has accepted a job offer from Google. He will join their user interface design team. Google has already supported many open source projects through Summer of Code program. It will be interesting to see their approach towards Plone. I believe that its a great news for Plone and only good can come from this.

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Mar 152006

Nice to see plenty of comments from Python language lovers on “Marketing Python – An Idea Whose Time Has Come“. Very rightly said by John, We need more Py-users spread the faith in Python, If we want to see the growth in Python users, we need to market the language, Lets see what can be done to attract the developers towards Python Language.
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Oct 172005

Building Websites With Plone by J. Cameron Cooper is a very useful book for beginners as well as experienced Plone developers.

The book is based on Plone 2.0 series, so some specifics might not work with the older versions. The book assumes that you are familiar with ZOPE and python.

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