Typesafe Stack On JVM – Using Scala, Play and Akka

Imperative style of programming is more suited for stand-alone applications running on single core hardware.  With Cloud Computing, SAAS, Agile rife in software industry complimented with multi core processors, it is inevitable that software programmers adopt a new style of programming that is more suited to the modern ecosystem. Hence a modern approach to software development is the need of hour.

Typesafe Stack is an alternative to traditional Java Technologies such as Java Enterprise that modernizes software development on the Java Virtual Machine to cater the needs of modern day applications. It provides strategies for scaling up to multi core and scaling out to cloud, tools to avoid bugs up front. It emphasizes on developer agility, productivity and enthusiasm.

This session provides an introduction to the TypeSafe stack, its key features and how they help to beat modern day application development challenges. It covers:

Scala: A hybrid language – merger offunctional and object oriented programming.
Play: A Web Development framework that focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architectures.
Akka: A middle ware for building concurrent and fault-tolerant applications


Sushanta Pradhan interests include concurrency, scalability, parallel/distributed computing and JVM languages. At Talentica he has architected and built highly scalable and maintainable applications in the digital advertisement and marketing space. Previously he worked on various  R&D projects of enterprise applications in IT Management space at CA Technologies, Hyderabad. He has done his B.Tech from NIT Calicut in Electronics and Communication Engineering

This session was presented at the 7th IndicThreads Pune Conference held on 14-15 Dec 2012. Track IndicThreads on Facebook / Twitter for updates on future events.

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