OpenOffice’s Python-UNO bridge is pretty daunting and complicated,KDE seems a lot cleaner and easier

In an interview published on KDE website, Jim Bublitz talks about why one should use PyKDE and about his future plans with PYKDE. Jim Bublitz maintains PyKDE (the Python language bindings for KDE ), according to him, “OpenOffice’s Python-UNO bridge is pretty daunting for novice programmers and complicated to use for just about anyone. KDE as a platform seems a lot cleaner and easier to use in that way.”

What is PYKDE?

PyKDE is primarily a GUI toolkit. It has a comprehensive set of widgets modelled as C++ classes including an editor widget and an html widget. PyKDE combines all the advantages of KDE, Qt and Python. A programmer has all the power of KDE and Qt, but is able to exploit it with the simplicity of Python. PyKDE supports nearly all classes and methods in kdelibs package libraries (over 600 classes and more than 10,000 methods).

Jim Bublitz finds the combination of KDE and Python much quicker and easier development environment than C++ for developing graphical applications, he is pleased to see PyKDE-based applications popping in various places but is worried with the problems in keeping PyKDE up to date and fixing various problems.

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