Hotwire your site to Google !

There are several ways to set-up a XML Sitemap, perhaps the easiest way is to use the open-source Generator which you can download from Google. This is a Python file that you can upload to your webserver and this generator will create a sitemap from your ‘URL lists, webserver directories, or your access logs’.

You have to submit your newly generated XML sitemap to Google – the search engine will use this XML sitemap to update and index your site.Whenever you make changes on your site. You will need to have a Google account.

You may also submit text files containing URLs from your web site to be included in Google Sitemaps but these text files will have or will be given low priority for the time being.
To get started on your own Google Sitemaps Account you can click here
Google’s new Sitemaps is just the latest way to use RSS positioning,its not the only way! You can further optimize your site by using the lowing RSS strategies
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