There is a real need of Interfaces : Guido van Rossum

Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python writes about Interfaces and Abstract Base Classes.

Here are some key points written by Guido :

  • Â Abstract Base Classes don’t require more syntax.
  • Â Zope and Twisted can’t live without interfaces, and they have created their own implementation.
  • Â The interfaces and type checking are interconnected.
  • Â Interfaces make much more sense if you can also declare the argument types of the methods.
  •  Phillip Eby’s proposal of an interface-free alternative is too complex to be adopted as standard Python mechanism.
  • Â Ping suggests that there is a need to specify some semantics in interfaces.
  • Â Python has a strong tradition that subclasses may redefine methods with a different signature.
  •  Its not decided that Python 3.0 will have interfaces, will look at some of the standard interfaces the language would provide for various common protocols like sequence, mapping and file.
  • Â The File Interface : they don’t require genericity to fully specify the interface.
  • Â The Sequence Interface : they are both useful and easy to implement, even if there are some thorny issues left.

>> Interfaces or Abstract Base Classes?

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