Yahoo vs Google

Yahoo claims that the upgraded search engine index spans 20.8 billion objects, 19.2 billion documents and 1.6 billion pictures.Google claims to have indexed 11.3 billion items, including 8.2 billion Web pages and 2.1 billion images.

Yahoo is ready to compete with their biggest rivals with a new search engine, which has indexed almost twice the number of items indexed by its biggest rival Google, according to Yahoo.The new numbers from Yahoo will highlight the fierce competition in the search world.

Google Disputes Claim
Google expressed doubt about the Yahoo figures, saying it could not verify the rival’s claim.

Google Still Leads
Google controls 36.9 percent of the search market compared to 30.4 percent for Yahoo, according to comScore Networks.

The stats does not matter , if you can find what you’re looking for. What say?

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