Drop-offs in developers using PHP, Perl and Python.

According to EVANS data , the usage of Perl, Python, and PHP has Declines in European companies.

The above analysis is based on findings compiled during a Spring 2005 Europe, Middle East and Africa survey of 400 developers :

The number of developers using PHP for application development dropped by 25 percent and the number of developers who said that they would not use or evaluate the use of PHP in their software projects rose by 40 percent.

Perl usage also dropped by 20 percent and the number of developers who said they would not evaluate or use Perl in future projects also rose by 20 percent.

The Python programming language did not fare any better, with usage down 25 percent and 17 percent fewer developers saying that they intend to use or evaluate the use of Python in future projects.

According to Mr. Andrews who is Evans Data’s Chief Operating Officer “This decline is more exaggerated in EMEA and APAC than in North America, One of the key factors to this loss is the inability of these languages to penetrate the enterprise space”.

Its really a dramatic drop and its important to find out the reasons behind it.

Usage of Perl, Python, and PHP Tools Declines in EMEA, Says Evans Data

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