Faces is a powerful, flexible and free project managment tool.

Projects in faces are simple python programs, which can be edited by the graphical front-end or your favorite text editor. Faces stands for flexible, automated, calculating, extendible, simulating.

Faces is designed to be easily extendible to custom needs. The whole power of python can easily be used to generate all kinds of output, to change the scheduling behavior or to modify the graphical front-end.

Faces is divided in a class framework and a graphical front-end. Faces project files use the class framework and can act as stand-alone programs. You can use them to generate your reports without the graphical front end. Therefore the report generation process can be automated.

Features :

  • Auto completion function enables you to input many tasks.
  • Enables you to save snapshots of your projects.
  • It is possible to build and evaluate several planning alternatives.
  • Able to use a common resource database to balance your resources simultaneously over multiple projects.
  • Possible to generate summary reports of multiple projects.
  • You can build your own knowledge-base for reusing experiences of former projects.
  • Supports several methods for estimating projects.
  • Able to register the performed efforts and compare them to the planned efforts.
  • The real and planed costs can be tracked to create a cost profit analysis of your projects.

Faces is currently in alpha state, the documentation is not in the complete stage, For programs you can see the PDF documentation.

>>Faces Home Page

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