PEAK does for Python what J2EE does for the Java !

Python is an extremely high-level language, with Python Enterprise Application Kit (PEAK) you can achieve even higher-level abstractions. If you ae interested in developing any application with Python, PEAK may help you do it faster, easier, on a larger scale, and with fewer defects than ever before. The key is component-based development, on a reliable infrastructure.

PEAK is an application kit, it provides you a component architecture, component infrastructure, and various general-purpose components and component frameworks for building applications similar as J2EE, the idea is to let you stop reinventing architectural and infrastructure wheels, so you can put more time into your actual application.


PEAK is different from J2EE, it is a single, free implementation of simpler API’s based on an easier-to-use language that can nonetheless scale with better performance than J2EE.

PEAK is the successor to TransWarp, an experimental toolkit for software automation in Python, it takes the best of the techniques and ideas from TransWarp and repackages. The PEAK package is composed of a number of subpackages for different purposes, PEAK tools can be used with other Python Enterprise frameworks such as Zope and the Python DBAPI to construct web-based GUI.

>> PEAK : Home Page
>>Charming Python: The Python Enterprise Application Kit

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