Want to listen Python-related audio recordings ?

Now you can download the Python-related conference recordings, and other audio materials.

Everybody would love to attend the conferences, lectures, but its not possible to attend every event because of geographical restrictions. But if you could get the audio recording then nothing like that!

Python Wiki is proving the audio recording of Python-related conferences including PyCon 2005.

Audio Recordings available :

  • PyCon 2005
  • IT Conversations: Guido van Rossum (part 1) – Building an Open Source Project and IT
  • Conversations: Guido van Rossum (part 2) – Building an Open Source
  • Python411
  • Python lectures from COMP249 course at MacQuarie University.
  • GatorJUG podcast
  • Zopecast
  • Myroslav Opyr on Zope and Plone
  • Rob Miller of Burning Man IT Group Talks about Plone


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