Make telephone calls from your python program !

Using Voicent Python Simple Interface class you can make telephone calls. Python Simple Interface is based on Voicent Gateway Simple Outbound Call Interface. Voicent Gateway is a Simple Call Interface, it is used to make an outbound call that plays an audio file or some text using text-to-speech engine.

Voicent Python Simple Interface class contains callText, callAudio, callStatus, callRemove, callTillConfirm functions, these functions are used to invoke telephone calls from Python program. All these functions are implemented as a HTTP client communicating directly with Voicent Gateway, they can be run on any machine that has a connection to the host running the gateway.

It can be used in different programming languages :

  • Perl Interface
  • PHP Interface
  • C++ Interface
  • Java Interface
  • C# Interface
  • Visual Basic Interface
  • Python Interface
  • Tcl/Tk Interface

check the Python interface source code.

>>Voicent Gateway Python Simple Interface
>>Voicent Gateway Simple Outbound Call Interface Reference

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