Python is a small, easy to use tool that sparks creativity : Jurgen

Jurgen Schieble, doctoral candidate at Helsinki’s University of Art and Design Media Lab. With his experience in mobile technologies and skills in music performance , Jürgen created MobiLenin, MobiLenin is partly made with Python. For his MobiLenin research Jurgen and his thesis advisor Timo Ojala was awarded the Best Arts Paper at the ACM Multimedia 2005 conference in Singapore.

Jurgen is a mobile phone software wizard and an award-winning musician. He recently gave a seminar on “Creativity inspired by smartphones and Python.” Python allows him to rapidly prototype artistic ideas, opening up opportunities for rich experiences on a smartphone.

He wants to grow MobiLenin and use it in his own concerts. He will soon go to MIT’s Media Lab for 3 months and will participate in workshops at Stanford and at Yahoo’s Berkeley Labs

His vision,creativity,enthusiasm will help in bridging art and engineering.

>>Award-winning mobile multimedia project bridges art and engineering

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