Will Marketing of Python create Revolution?

Nice to see plenty of comments from Python language lovers on “Marketing Python – An Idea Whose Time Has Come“. Very rightly said by John, We need more Py-users spread the faith in Python, If we want to see the growth in Python users, we need to market the language, Lets see what can be done to attract the developers towards Python Language.

Plenty of mixed views on “Marketing Python – An Idea Whose Time Has Come”, well, more the people more are the opinions ! The best way to attract the developers towards Python is offer them a killer application like Ruby on Rails. Although Turbogears, Django, Zope are doing well but they are not rocking as Ruby on Rails or they are not marketed Aggressively / in the proper way.

Python needs to concentrate on :

  • Attract the newbie developers to Python language.
  • More Python Jobs to attract developers.
  • Marketing strategy for the Python Programming language.
  • Developments in Jython to attract Java developers.
  • Development in the Mobile sector.
  • Acceptance level
  • Python Certifications, Training courses.Since Guido has joined Google , People have started expecting little too much from him. If you can promote Python at the individual level by introducing Python in your company (initially for less important small applications) then that will help in spreading Python and growth in Python Users.

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