Testing is a buzzword

Testing is a buzzword today. In Indian software industry one can see everybody talking about testing.

Just turn the pages of the job supplements in any paper and you can see there’s always a requirement for testing professionals. Suddenly the demand of skilled testers and quality assurance professionals has increased. We can say that the IT industry is maturing and have understood the importance of testing. Now days testing is being considered as major source of revenue by the IT companies in India. You can find many companies just providing software testing, quality assurance consultancy services.
This is a good sign from the growth point of view. I remember just 2-3 years back testing was considered to be a secondary job in the software companies. But now this is not the picture. Testing is gaining popularity and is now counted as a very essential aspect of the software development. Now its not like just develop a product or the application and deliver it to the customer without carrying out all kinds of testing. But today in each and every project plan you can see that managers take care of testing phase. Has proper time been allocated for testing? How many resources Have been allocated for the testing? Does application undergoes a required number of testing cycles? It passes all the parameters specified or not. And for all this stuff you need skilled, qualified professionals.
And thus the requirement of software testers is increasing. Because they are the people who can think on the lines of the end user. How end user is going to use the system? What problems he may face when using the application? So now the thinking of the people is changing. Now days it is considered a must to do activity. And this can establish India’s reputation as a provider of ‘Quality’ software services in the real sense.

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