For the sake of Security

With eXamineXT and SOAPtest 4.0 testing security and web services vulnerabilities at ease. This week Kenai Systems Inc. released a product called eXamineXT. And Parasoft released SOAPtest 4.0 for web services security testing.

eXamineXT is targeted at developers as well as QA professionals.
Jack Quinnell, CTO, Calif.-based Kenai Systems says, “The concept of pervasive security begins in the development environment.” And eXamineXT has been developed keeping in mind this need of the industry. eXamineXT is having around 20 security profiles and generates test cases based on these profiles.
The goal is “early visibility,” said Wayne Ariola, vice president of corporate development at Parasoft. Finding faults and loopholes in web services security at early stages is the main concern behind release of these products.

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