Mercury Business Process Testing woos the world

Mercury launched Business Process Testing (BPT) as a tool to automate application testing for non-technical business experts. In less than one year since its launch it has gained a wide acceptance and over 150 customers worldwide have selected BPT.

And in the new version of BPT Mercury has announced major enhancements for user acceptance testing. The new release of Mercury Business Process Testing helps QA engineers, business analysts and line of business owners test more functionality in more applications earlier in the development cycle. New features include:

  • Integration with Mercury WinRunner® to help customers easily upgrade existing scripts into reusable drag and drop business process testing components;
  • New user acceptance testing capabilities to reduce the time and effort for line of business owners to certify and sign off on test plans and application quality;
  • Integration with SPI Dynamics’ QAInspectâ„¢ to help customers test for security defects as an integrated part of their business process testing process.

Mercury will be hosting a webinar ‘œNext Generation Test Automation Just Got Better on August 16, 2005. For more information visit

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