Can SCRUM help in improving software quality?

Usually, software testing follows a traditional waterfall development process approach. But with SCRUM software testing can be more effective using an iterative lifecycle, feedback loops approach. Scrum is nothing but a process, which is based on iterative, incremental practices to manage software development.

Scrum mainly focuses on communication and feedback loops. When scrum is implemented each cycle or iteration lasts about for 4 weeks. This is called as Sprint. A project can have several sprints, which sums up to Product Backlog. In short, on regular basis meetings are conducted. Before a sprint starts a meeting is conducted for deciding what is going to be developed and delivered in that particular sprint. After the completion of the sprint at the retrospective meeting a feedback is asked and it is discussed. And this feedback helps in planning and working on next sprint. I.e. after 1st sprint feedback works as inputs for the development team and they start working on next sprint while testing team carries out testing of the product developed in last sprint. This approach gives great results as testing team works with development team from the inception of the project.

What do you think can SCRUM help in improving software quality?

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