Performance test with OpenLoad V5.0

OpenDemand Systems has unleashed OpenLoad V 5.0. OpenLoad is a browser-based, enterprise-functional, load-testing and monitoring solutions.

OpenLoad has been powered by IBM WebSphere and DB2 Universal Database. OpenLoad’s User Scenario Session Finder is the industry’s first intelligent, script-free wizard that allows users to build dynamic data-driven tests without having to code and debug, or understand, the inner workings of the applications they are testing.

New features which have been introduced with this release are:

  • Extended debugging and auto-functions
  • “Auto sense” function – allows user to collect multiple matches on a single page and reference them from within an array of values.
  • “Proxy Switcher” module – enables users to easily toggle their OpenLoad Recorder on and off from their browser menu bar without having to manually adjust proxy settings.
  • The ability to send customized email and pager notifications, allowing users to provide or receive updates on the status of their test even when they are away from the system.

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