Test Configuration Management Simplified

Testing on machines with different configurations can be a tedious job. But VMware’s virtual infrastructure software enables test configuration management without physically setting up the machine for each configuration.

Virtualization is a technology, which drastically reduces the time required for setting up each machine, installing a build and testing it from days to few minutes. Virtual infrastructure software facilitates running multiple operating systems and application simultaneously on a single Intel based PC. Some of the features of VMware virtual infrastructure software are:

  • Running multiple operating systems concurrently on the same computer, including multiple versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, NetWare and DOS
  • Creating libraries of virtual machines with standard test environments and tools for each OS and network configuration
  • Consolidating multiple virtual test machines onto a single physical platform
  • Automating tests sequences, including the ones that require system restart

>> Accelerate Application Development, Testing, and Deployment with VMware Software
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