Complex Software = More Bugs

Software is getting more and more complex day by day. In every other field software is being used. But it doesn’t ends at software development. But ‘Quality’ which matters a lot. And this leads to quality processes followed during the execution of the project and most importantly the number of defects found.

At this point ‘Testing’ comes into picture. Finding more and more defects in testing phase is the major task. But still every other day we face the situation when the defects are found in live environment resulting into system breakdown. Several other models and methodologies are being used for developing the bug-free software. But still as the complexity of software grows the number of defects are increasing. There are lots of reasons for this. Nigel Cheshire, chief executive of Enerjy says “The problem is, the way developers are often measured is on how fast they are” But this doesn’t mean that the programmer who can code fast will produce a good quality code. Also the way the software is tested matters a lot. Sam Waithe, director of software quality for Keane Inc. says, “It’s all about executing the code in ways that are strange to the programmer.”

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