Enhance Manual Test Scripting with SmarteCapture

AccordSQA, a leader in next-generation test automation unveiled SmarteCapture. SmarteCapture bridges the documentation process for Manual Scripted Testing, Exploratory Testing and Ad Hoc Testing.

SmarteCapture collects the data from each test as screenshots; key logs into a test case and generates fully documented manual test using the data gathered. This facilitates testers to review the proceedings of manual test and helps in root cause analysis. Ethan Givoni, CTO and founder of AccordSQA said, “SmarteCapture is the next step in our goal of simplifying and adding intelligence to testing” SmarteCapture comes as a set of following tools:

  • SmarteCapture Administrator: Fast access to all project level information across the entire enterprise
  • SmarteCapture Analyzer: Project wide management of all issues, whether input from testing or other sources, and allows sorting, filtering, and reporting of project metrics.
  • SmarteTrac: Easily provides detailed information and enhanced tracking capabilities of issues.

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