AutomatedQA unveils TestComplete Version 4

AutomatedQA has announced the release of its award-winning automated testing framework “TestComplete 4“. TestComplete 4 is a comprehensive stand-alone package, which integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and enables the full range of automated testing including user interface, regression, and load testing.

TestComplete 4 includes new features as:

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Unicode support
  • Keyword testing
  • Improved editing features
  • Extended support for unit testing and manual testing
  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
  • Integration with issue-tracking systems
  • Integration with source control systems
  • Improved load testing

These features make TestComplete 4 a complete solution to automated testing requirements. John Montgomery, director in the .NET Developer Product Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp said, “AutomatedQA’s solution will help enhance the development process by providing software testers with the full range of automated testing capabilities to improve application quality.”
TestComplete 4 supports Microsoft ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Web, Java, Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, and Borland VCL application testing.

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