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Last month, Akimbi Systems, a pioneer in the complex configuration capture-and-restore (C3R) system market in association with Software Quality Engineering (SQE) polled more than 500 QA professionals on how much time they spent at workplace because of the number and complexity of system configurations. Some of the respondents said that their families don’t remember them anymore. This clearly depicts the situation of the software development field.
The process of creating and setting up of test configuration has remained a manual process. Developers have to gather machines, install and configure operating systems, applications, establishing inter-machine connections and networks. This whole process is tedious and takes a lot of time. At the same time in September Akimbi launched its flagship product, the Akimbi Slingshot C3R system. Melinda Wilken, Vice President, Marketing of Akimbi Systems said, “As this survey indicates, QA professionals are spending an inordinate amount of effort on manual or ad hoc tasks, which not only consumes excessive amounts of time, but also prevents them from performing tasks that would be of higher value to the organization.” With Akimbi Singshot organizations can speed up and simplify this process of test configurations. A tedious task which, usually takes three to four hours can completed within 30 seconds with Akimbi Singshot.

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