McCabe IQ Offers Software Quality ‘Executive Dashboard’

McCabe Software, Inc. has released a new version of its flagship software quality suite, McCabe IQ. The latest version includes a new and improved, browser-based Executive Dashboard. Executives and Senior Managers can now easily view a snapshot of their projects’ QA and Testing status, coverage and trends, whenever they like from wherever they like.

“We see great customer value resulting from use of the Executive Dashboard,” says Dale Brenneman, VP of Software Quality Solutions for McCabe. “The more our customers know about the state of their development and QA efforts, the better their decision making going forward. We see this dashboard becoming part of the daily routine for CTOs, as well as project, development, QA and Test managers.”

In addition to the Executive Dashboard, McCabe has augmented their popular Battlemap with a significant productivity improvement that they have coined “Change-Based Exclusion”. This new functionality allows the user to focus only on portions of their application that have changed, the most volatile portions of a codebase. This is a significant upgrade for those who would use the Battlemap to report on a codebase of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of lines of code. This same technology enables the Battlemap to perform ‘threshold filtering’. For example, if the user only wanted to look at modules with Cyclomatic Complexity of 20 and over, they are now able to do that. Furthermore, the user now has the flexibility to use this filtering technology in either the Battlemap or McCabe IQ’s Customized Reporting view.

Finally, based on significant customer demand, McCabe IQ now boasts a ‘testedness indicator’ to printouts and text file saves of Annotated Source Code Listings. This enhancement makes McCabe IQ test coverage analysis easier for projects where McCabe IQ outputs are generated by one individual and provided to others for analysis.

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