Using Apache Geronimo In Real World JavaEE Applications

Kishore Kumar’s session on ‘Using Apache Geronimo For Real World Java EE Applications’ presented at the Conference On Java Technology. Geronimo is an Apache licensed, J2EE 1.4 complaint, open source application server.

Session – Using Apache Geronimo for real world J2EE applications

The session looks at :
1. Basics of Geronimo and its features
2. Geronimo Architecture overview
3. Developing and Deploying applications in Geronimo
4. Benefits of Geronimo application Server

Click to download the PDF of Kishore’s powerpoint presentation “Using Apache Geronimo for real world J2EE applications

SpeakerKishore Kumar is the author of the book Pro Apache Geronimo. He also leads the Java Center Of Excellence at US Technology Resources (USTRI)

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* The Conference On Java Technology

* Apache Geronimo project is poised for a breakout year in 2006
* jboss vs geronimo
* We don’t need these big heavy J2EE application servers

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