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A look at all the recent action from the Java world. Ajax, NetBeans & JTiger interviews, JBoss article as well as discussions on the emergence of scripting languages and the software work culture of today.

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The response to the article “IT Survivors – Staying Alive In A Software Job” has been overwhelming. 1000s of visitors, 100s of comments and emails. To a certain extent, the response has restored my faith in the IT employee. While the article was very much pro-employee, I seriously doubted if IT employees were really aware of how bad a state they have got themselves into.

On this same subject, Indic spoke to Chris Duncan, the author of two ground-breaking books. He had some very interesting thoughts on how a software programmer needs to change his perspective to not only ensure that he succeeds but also help his organization do better. Do have a look.

As for developments in the Java world, although I have been with Java for many years, lately I am being drawn towards scripting languages like PHP. I spoke about this in my talk on Java Trends. Curious to know what other Java people’s experience has been with scripting languages.

To give a cricketing analogy, it’s like comparing “Sanjay Manjrekar” with “Virendra Sehwag”. Manjrekar had super technique and played copy book cricket while Sehwag doesn’t care about technique. But end of the day, it’s about scoring runs and I would want Sehwag in my team rather than Manjrekar. PHP is my Sehwag. I like the “Get The Job Done” attitude of scripting languages.

The Groovy scripting language could be Java’s answer and possibly get the user the best of both worlds. Hope to have some Groovy content on Indic soon.

The Best Blog Contest is also back with three super books and an even easier way to participate We have also recently launched a Jobs section. To stay updated on new content on IndicThreads, do check out the “Mark It” and “Feeds” section in the site’s right panel or just click the feed buttons below.



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