Whizlabs SCWCD Certification Preparation Kit Review

Certification exams are very popular with developers as they not only help learn a technology in detail, but also add significant value to the resume. To pass these certification exams, you have a number of books, tools and references available. The Whizlabs SCWCD Preparation Kit is one such tool.

The features of the product, as listed on the Whizlabs site are:
* 5 Full Length Simulated Tests
* 150 Quiz Questions
* Quick Revision Tips
* Detailed Explanation with Every Question
* Tips N Tricks

I did find the kit a very useful tool for my SCWCD 1.4 exam preparations. The question sets are impressive. They are neither too easy nor too tough, but are more than enough for anyone to pass the exam easily.

Different types of question (Objective, Fill in the blank etc.) are provided. The user interface and positioning of elements is quite nice. The tool also provides a facility to store your results, thus enabling you to focus on a weak topic and also check past records for improvements.

Questions Screen
Review Answers
Exam Results

I faced no issues during installation, but had to register online to use the full version.

A timing system is provided so as to ensure that you get into the habit of completing the exam on/before time. Apart from the exam simulation, the kit also contains some last minute revision notes and a good

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