Mar 202007

Peter Thomas’s session on “Java EE Architecture Using The Spring Framework” presented at the Conference On Java Technology

Session – Java EE architecture
using the Spring Framework
Peter shares his experiences developing an open source Java EE
web-application where the Spring Framework has been used

The architecture includes Spring Webflow, the Acegi
Security framework, Hibernate 3 and other open source frameworks and
The session includes -

  • * Quick overview of the Spring Framework
  • * Architecture – Acegi Security Framework,Spring
    Webflow,Spring MVC, Spring AOP,Spring DAO / Hibernate,Hibernate 3 and
    Spring Modules
  • * Why Spring ?
  • * Selected Best Practices – Maven 2, Checkstyle / Code
    Coverage tools, Automated functional testing using Watij

Click to download the PDF of Peter’s powerpoint presentation “Java EE Architecture Using Spring Framework

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SpeakerPeter Thomas has more
than 10 years experience in the IT industry and works as a Senior
Consultant for Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

A keen Open Source
enthusiast, he is the creator of JTrac, currently a “Top 50″ project at
SourceForge. JTrac uses the Acegi Security Framework, Spring Webflow, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring DAO, Hibernate 3 and Spring Modules.

** 100 kbps Real Video. Takes a hit on video quality, but will work on slow Internet connections.

* The Conference On Java Technology

* Wicket Framework can save 60% of programming time…
* Checking EJB 3.0 performance – Enterprise Java Software Developer
* Jasypt 1.1 adds Spring Security (ACEGI) support
* Struts Action Framework 2.0 should be released by August 2006

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  • ‘Guest’

    Very vague presentation!