Introduction to Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Adobe Flex

Prayank Swaroop’s session on ‘ Introduction to Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Adobe Flex ‘ presented at the Conference On Java Technology 2007 held in Oct 2007 in Pune, India.

Speaker– Prayank Swaroop is an evangelist for Adobe, where he supports user communities, spreads awareness about the latest web technologies. With a deep interest in rich internet applications (RIAs), web 2.0 and
other web technologies. He is also part of the organizing team for Bangalore Barcamp. He has been invited as a speaker to various conferences like BEA Dev2Dev, SAP India Summit, Adobe MAX Las Vegas, etc.

He has helped setup various usergroups in India and is responsible for the weekly Asia Pacific seminars focusing on Web 2.0 and Adobe technologies, that begun towards the end of May 2007. Prayank had spent last couple of years as a member of the ColdFusion engineering team at Adobe – where he was in-charge of charting, imaging and multi-server monitoring features.

Session Abstract

The internet world is buzzing with talks of Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications. In this keynote, we will try to have a look at the new generation of RIAs – what are these and how to build them using Adobe Flex.We will do some live coding to tantalize your taste buds and set the flavor of the Indic conference.
Adobe Flex is a cross platform, open source framework for creating rich Internet applications that run identically in all major browsers and operating systems..

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