Building Web Applications Using The Spring Framework

spring TutorialThis hands-on session walks you through the process of building a simple web-application from scratch using the Spring Framework. JSP / Spring MVC will be used for the presentation tier and Spring support for JDBC and Hibernate will be demonstrated for the data-access layer.

The session highlights how easy it is to switch between different DAO implementations when using Spring based Dependency Injection.
Spring’s support for unit testing will also be shown – that enables you to write tests that run against the database but do not affect the state of the database. And to prove Spring’s strength as a “glue” for all things Java EE, watch how an alternate presentation-tier framework such as Wicket can be easily integrated.

Peter Thomas’s session on ‘Spring Tutorial’ was presented at the Conference On Java Technology 2007 held in Oct 2007 in Pune, India.

A keen Open Source enthusiast, Peter is the initiator and maintainer of two successful SourceForge projects. One of them is “JTrac” – an open-source issue management web-application completely built on Wicket, Spring and Hibernate.
JTrac has been very well received within the Java community and reached a ranking of #13 on SourceForge as soon as version 2.0 final was released in December 2006.
Peter Thomas works as a Principal Consultant for Satyam Computer Services Ltd, based out of Bangalore, India. He has been a guest speaker on Java technologies at events such as the first Conference on Java Technology, 2006.

Presentation / Demo Code : Spring TutorialWorkshop CodeCode Readme

* Video compressed for 256 kbps.

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    Unfortunately I can\’t read the screens or understand the speaker. Can the source/powerpoint for this be posted?

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    Q. What’s the process of getting the runtime on a virgin client PC with Java 6 Update N?

    A. With Java 6 Update N you will put something like this in your webpage:


    Then the scripts hosted by Sun will check for the version of Java and get it installed/upgraded if necessary. Then it will generate an applet tag and load your app. The goal is to make the developer do as little as humanly possible so they can focus on their app.

    – Josh Marinacci, Sun

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