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  • Noname

    Actually collection allows us to store different objects.
    List mylist = new ArrayList();

    will allow us to store only String objects.I think it will be a great disadvantage

  • Guest

    It has a lot of ridiculous bugs, I think it have a bright choice for small project, you still need Eclipse if you have a big one

  • nirmalkumar

    Eclipse is still lighter and use less memory than Net beans. I have seen people stress testing their brand new notebooks by installing Net beans and monitoring their system. And in IDE, speed is the foremost thing a developer will ask for, apart from basic IDE features.
    So Net Beans still require lots of improvements to change people’s views about its overall performance.

  • Guest

    Now we are just hopping that Sun will invest as much money as ibm in it’s promotion 😉

    jv at e-chiceros ddoott com