Effective EJB for real business solutions

Shankar Itchapurapu looks at EJB as a means to create real world business solutions.

He says that “Developers are often drenched in the complexities that surround Java
development. Worse yet, these complexities are so overwhelming that the
actual business problems take a back seat.”

“When you have a hammer in your hand, everything looks a nail. This phrase befits most EJB choices. EJB may not be the best suited for most projects”

The article tries to better equip the reader so that EJB is adopted correctly and only where it’s really useful. The article is divided into:

  • Effective EJB Decision
  • Effective EJB Interfaces
  • Effective Exception Handling
  • Effective EJB Persistence
  • Effective EJB Performance Tuning

>> Effective EJB

>> Checking EJB 3.0 performance
>> Oracle Releases Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 Preview
>> How to decide which persistence technology to use? JDBC / CMP / EJB / Hibernate
>> Main goal for EJB 3.0 is to simplify life for developers
>> JDeveloper now supports EJB 3.0

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