JBoss Acquires and Open Sources Distributed Transaction Monitor and Web Services Technologies

JBoss has announced that it has acquired distributed transaction monitor and web services technologies owned by Arjuna Technologies and HP and will open source them for the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite (JEMS). In one strategic move, JBoss has propelled JEMS further into the high-end market long presided over by proprietary application platforms, while at the same time making pricey, enterprise-quality middleware software freely available to the mass market.

The acquisition includes Arjuna Transaction Service Suite (ArjunaTS), one of the most advanced and widely deployed transaction engines in the world with a 20-year pedigree, and Arjuna’s Web Services Transaction implementation, the market’s only implementation supporting both leading web services specifications—Web Services Transaction (WS-TX) and Web Services Composite Application Framework (WS-CAF). This implementation is also one of the few that has demonstrated interoperability with other industry leaders such as Microsoft and IBM. The core Arjuna transaction engine will be the foundation of JBoss Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

“With this acquisition, JBoss is sending a strong, clear signal to the market,” said Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management, JBoss, Inc. “JBoss is committed to enabling the JEMS stack for the high-end market and cementing its position as the only open source platform for SOA, or service-oriented architecture. We’re doing this by developing our own products as we did for clustering, embracing open source projects as we did for business rules and acquiring proprietary software and open sourcing it as we are now doing for distributed transactioning.”

JBoss expects to release ArjunaTS and Arjuna’s Web Services Transaction implementation as open source JEMS offerings in Q1 2006 backed by JBoss Subscription services, training and consulting. Like all JEMS products, these offerings will run independently as free-standing products or on any J2EE application server. For more information, visit www.jboss.com/products/transactions.

Source: JBoss Press Release

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