Canoo announces Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for Mobile Devices

Canoo has announced that it successfully adapted UltraLightClient (ULC) to run on J2ME clients, providing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) to mobile devices and thin-client terminals. A live sample application demonstrates an online shopping application running on a PDA:

The sample application is based on an evolutionary prototype that will be released as a new product called ULC Mobile. ULC Mobile will be specially geared for ULC applications running on top of the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) platform.

Using ULC Mobile, an UltraLightClient application will run on both J2SE and J2ME clients. The new product provides the same API as UltraLightClient. This means that existing J2SE UltraLightClient applications can essentially be reused without code changes.

UltraLightClient’s built-in optimizations such as lazy loading and caching also apply to ULC Mobile, which make it particularly suited for handheld devices with their limited memory and slow network connections. Large server-based applications will be accessible via rich UIs on lean client devices.

The ULC Mobile sample requires CrEme to be installed on the handheld device. To install and run the sample on a PDA, follow the instructions listed at the ULC Mobile demo page. The new demo application is a limited version of the OnlineShop sample and can be downloaded to any handheld device.

Pricing and licensing options for ULC Mobile will be announced nearer to the final release. For details please contact Canoo.

Read the full press release:

Product website:

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