Introduction To Groovy @ The IndicThreads Pune Java Meet

After a few meets last year, the IndicThreads Pune Java Meets died out for no specific reason. We are now trying to revive the forum. The Pune Java meets are meant for Java enthusiasts from Pune to meet, present and discuss Java developments. The meet will be held at 4.30 pm on the last Saturday of every month. The featured session for this month is “Introduction To Groovy” by Harshad Oak.

Featured Session: Introduction to Groovy

Groovy is the scripting language, which some predict is the future of the Java platform. Groovy.Codehaus.Org says : “Groovy is an agile dynamic language for the Java 2 Platform that has many of the features that people like so much in languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk, making them available to Java developers using a Java-like syntax. Groovy is designed to help you get things done on the Java Platform in a quick, concise and fun way â

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