New versions of Cactus, Commons Validator and Commons IO

The past week has seen the release of new versions from three popular Jakarta projects, namely Cactus, Commons Validator and Commons IO.

Cactus is a test framework for unit testing server-side java code. Where just JUnit isn’t good enough, Cactus will do the trick. The annoucement for the Cactus release is a bit strange though, as it lists “JDK 1.2 and 1.3 are no longer supported” as one of the main new features.
Download Cactus 1.7.2

Commons IO is a library of utilities to simplify your Java IO tasks. These classes try to add to the standard JDK IO classes.
-Download Commons IO 1.2

Validator is perhaps the most widely used projects among the three. Integrated with the Struts framework,Validator can work its magic and drastically simplify validations in your web applications. However Validator can very well be used without the Struts framework. Validator was chosen Java Developer Software Pick for the week in Nov 05. Harshad Oak in his interview with Javaranch says that “Validator has in a way revolutionized field validations on all projects that I develop as part of Rightrix Solutions.”
– Download Validator 1.3.0


>> Validator has not only cut down on development time but we are also sure that the validation will work
>> For web based applications you need to consider things like Cactus
>> Cactus usage is not as simple and straightforward as JUnit and so adoption I think will be low
>> Jakarta Commons Book gets a 5 out of 5
>> Simplify Java IO with the new Jakarta Commons IO 1.1

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