EJB Session – Code and Presentation

The EJB session at the Pune Java Meet was presented by Anand Kulkarni. If you missed the session or are 100s of miles away from Pune, you can still check out the presentation and the code for the sample app he demonstrated during the session.*

Anand Kulkarni

The session began with Anand taking the audience through the pre EJB world. He then talked about the introduction of EJBs and how they were used to create applications catering to millions of users.

He used a simple example to demonstrate the role that the remote interface, home interface and the bean play in the EJBs scheme of things.

The discussion also covered the types of beans and how they are utilized. The discussion closed with Anand explaining the tags in the ejb-jar.xml, demonstrating the packaging of the component in to a jar file and then deploying it on a J2EE application server.

* Download the EJB sample application
* Download the EJB presentation

The next Java meet will be held as always on the last Sat of the month, i.e. 24th June 06. The topic of discussion is Java Server Faces and the speaker is Swarraj Kulkarni.

Swarraj works as a Sr.Architect in the Java Center of Excellence at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Swarraj has 14 years of industry experience and his technology experience ranges from Microcontroller based embedded systems, Object Oriented languages, Databases
and Wireless applications. He has been working in Java / J2EE since their initial versions.

** PythonThreads.com would be conducting the first Pune Python meet, just after the conclusion of the next Java meet. Details coming soon on PythonThreads.com.

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