Apache Comes To Asia

Apache conferences have been happening in the US and Europe for an unknown number of years. 2006 gets Asia its own ApacheCon. ApacheCon Asia will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from the 15th to 17th of August 2006.

The official ApacheCon description says “ApacheCon Asia is the official Asian conference of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). This initial event aims to create a unique platform for the Open Source community in Asia to come together to gain an insight into techniques and methodologies critical to the advancement of Open Source technologies, and gain skills to optimize the power and versatility of Apache software and also to discuss upcoming developments and issues.”

The 15th and 16th of Aug will have several 1 hour sessions while 17th is the tutorials day. The ApacheCon speaker list is impressive and it looks like one the best open source conferences to happen in this part of the world.

ApacheConAsiaSpeakerI will be at ApacheCon as I have to present a tutorial on Groovy and Grails on the 17th. ApacheCon has requested speakers to carry this image on their site / blog, to help popularize the conference. Although the image says 14th to 17th, there doesn’t seem to be anything scheduled for the 14th.

You will get regular updates on IndicThreads.com about all the happenings at ApacheCon Asia. However if you are anywhere near Sri Lanka, you should try and make it to the conference. I am looking forward to visiting Sri Lanka, which I am told is a beautiful country with very hospitable people.

Unfortunately these days bombs keep going off in almost every part of the world, so I suppose security issues shouldn’t stop us from visiting Sri Lanka.

If you are a cricket fan, you could even catch some international cricket action in the India – Sri Lanka – South Africa Tri Series that’s happening in Colombo at the same time as the ApacheCon conference.

Catch you in Colombo! For details of the conference check

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