Grails web application framework releases new version

Less than a month back, Grails version 0.2 was released with several
enhancements. Grails 0.2.1 is now available. It is said to have fixes
for a number of key issues from the 0.2 release and also
indicate commitment of the Grials creators to more regular release

The new features in 0.2 were as follows:

* Support for table-per-hierarchy inheritance mapping in GORM
* Support for Quartz job scheduling
* Adaptive Ajax tags that work with Prototype, Yahoo and Dojo
* Eclipse integration via the Groovy Eclipse plug-in
* Improved SiteMesh integration with “layout-by-convention”
* More complete support for Hibernate Criteria
* Interactive Grails Swing console and command line shell

If you are new to both Groovy and Grails, check out a recent IndicThreads interview with Groovy project lead Guillaume Laforge “Groovy bridges the scripting and the enterprise Java worlds“.
Guillaume talks about the features of Groovy and the capabilities of
Grails and how both technologies promise to bring rapid scripting based
development to the Java world.

You can download Groovy from and Grails from

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