JNode – Java New Operating System Design Effort release version 0.2.4

The JNode team are releaseing of the version 0.2.4 it’s open source java OS. This release features the first possibility of basic development under JNode and many other features like a simple webserver.

The JNode team is proud to announce the release of the version 0.2.4 of the JNode.org operating system.
JNode.org is an open source java OS(Operating System) written fully in java (with a very small assembler nano-kernel).

This release features the first possibility of basic development under JNode. Screenshots are available here:

New features & improvements in this release are:

  • Basic support for development under JNode
  • javac command, included with the use of Eclipse JDT compiler
  • Integrated standard java tools: jar, native2ascii, serialver etc. from GNU Classpath
  • Text console improvements
  • Swing based console
  • New textconsole based editor
  • JFat – a FAT32 file system implementation
  • RamFS – a simple in-memory file system
  • FTPFS – a read-only FTP based file system
  • Many classpath patches
  • ImageIO support for PNG, GIF and BMP images from GNU Classpath
  • BDF font support
  • Changable desktop Look & Feel
  • Isolate (JSR 121), not fully supported
  • Simple webserver under JNode
  • Various bugfixes in the resource loading, ISO9660, socket writing

Download JNode

More information can be found at www.jnode.org or http://sourceforge.net/projects/jnode

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