Groovy and Grails Tutorial

Groovy and Grails have been picking up steam over the past year. Groovy claims to bridge the gap between the scripting and enterprise Java worlds. There’s also increasing support for the two technologies from biggies like Oracle.

So looking at the growing interest in Groovy and Grails, if you wish to get started, have a look at my article on BEA Dev2Dev. It looks at the web development capabilities of Groovy and later the Grails framework. A sample clothes management application is developed using the two technologies.

Here are a some snippets that talk about the highlights of Groovy and Grails –

“Groovy is a language that has a syntax that’s similar to, yet simpler than, Java. It’s often referred to as a scripting/agile/dynamic language, but I would prefer to stay away from these adjectives as I feel they only end up confusing things. If Java is a wise middle-aged man, Groovy is his teenage son. Groovy has many of the old man’s characteristics but is a lot wilder and a lot more fun. Both of them also work together very well…”

“Grails attempts to use the “coding by convention” paradigm of Ruby On Rails to reduce the need for configuration files and other boilerplate code. With “coding by convention,” if you have a file whose name itself tells you what the file is doing, you do not need to restate the same thing in a configuration file… Using “coding by convention,” Grails will also auto generate a lot of things required in a Web application…”

“The best thing about Groovy and Grails is that everything runs on good old Java and Java EE

As BEA has since been bought by Oracle, the article can now be found on OTN or you can find it right here on IndicThreads –Groovy and Grails – A Getting Started Guide

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