IT recruitments forecast for 2005: Hazy and Uncertain

Two new reports discuss IT recruitments for 2005 and how technologies like Java and .NET feature in terms of their demand and supply.

The ADTMag report says that "openings for Java developers outnumbered
.NET openings by three to one in most markets". However  that isn’t
essentially good news for Java people  As the article later says that
?.NET salaries are running 10 to 15 percent higher? in some markets,
simply because there aren?t as many .NET developers to
fill available jobs. ?. So although the Java openeings are more, there
also are that many more Java people available.

Another report at ComputerWorld (Australia) says that "The shortages
in skills we see are .Net, J2EE, technical developers,
project managers, SAP, Siebel, Documentum, WebMethods and Cognos."
However even this article later quotes a recruiter "I think across the
board we are in for a steady year rather than a
bumper year as there are definitely storm clouds on the horizon, but it
depends on how business confidence holds up "

The summary it seems is that nobody is really sure and yet these
reports will keep appearing regularly. So you can perhaps just ignore these
reports, do your job well and not worry too much. If you don’t have a
job, look at only the positive part and hope for the best.

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