J2EE amongst hottest IT skills

A recent report by the EconomicTimes says that J2EE is one of the hottest and highest paying IT skills today.  The report adds that additoinal skills like wireless application skills in J2ME, Symbian and Pocket PC are required to be a success with J2EE.

The report says that the key to making a lot of money in OT is to stay focused and mastering your subject. It says that IT employees need to stay in touch with what are the higehst paying segments and plan their careers accordingly.

Hot IT skills apart from J2EE are:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Data warehousing
  • Business analysts
  • VOIP programming

The report however suggest that .NET is a higher paying skill to have, than J2EE. A 2 to 4 year .NET person can make about  6-7 lakhs per annum while a J2EE person with similar experience can make 3.5 lakhs.

Although the salary figures stated in such reports are often not a good reference and blown up, the sought after skills list should serve as some guide to those entering IT. 

The figures stated in the article are all in Indian rupees. One US dollar is about  43 Indian Rupees.

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