NetBeans is a long way from dead!

Despite one vendor after another moving to the Eclipse platform, Sun and James Gosling still seem very positive on NetBeans. 

In a recent interview, Gosling said that "NetBeans is a long way from being dead" .

Tim Cramer the NetBeans? engineering director adds that "We have a tight integration with Sun Java System App Server 8.1 (J2EE 1.4 reference implementation, as well). So, a developer can do development, deployment and debugging all within the IDE ? one tool"

Gosling seems particularly excited about the mobile development capabilities of NetBeans 4.1.

He says "The other half of what is cool in NB 4.1 is the whole mobility dev suite, so you can develop apps for all the different flavors of J2ME and has support for MIDP1, MIDP2, and the right cellphones that have the on-phone debugging support you can do some fascinating stuff."

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