Long awaited Jakarta Commons Lang 2.1 is now available

Jakarta Commons Lang 2.1 final is now available for download. This long awaited new version of Lang has the following new features

* New package org.apache.commons.lang.mutable containing basic classes that hold an Object or primitive and provide both get and set methods;
* New DurationFormatUtils providing various methods for formatting durations;
* New CharEncoding containing definitions of constants for character encoding work;
* New CharUtils containing utilities for working with characters;
* Various new methods in ArrayUtils, BooleanUtils, ClassUtils, ObjectUtils, StringUtils, SystemUtils, Validate, WordUtils, EqualsBuilder, ExceptionUtils, NumberUtils, DateUtils, FastDateFormat, and StopWatch;
* New short prefix style for ToStringBuilder;
* More flags in ReflectionToStringBuilder to control the output with regards to statics;
* Renaming of the enum package to enums for JDK1.5 compliance;
* Various bug fixes and enhancements

>>? Commons-Lang 2.1 Released

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