Modeling to Application Monitoring – Eclipse has it all

Mike Milinkovich the executive director of the Eclipse Foundation says that the tools market is today divided into two ecosystems, Microsoft’s and Eclipse’s.

As all J2EE vendors, except one [Sun Microsystems], are already on Eclipse, and as the investment and the underlying platform is being
shared by companies, Mike expects to see a lot of cool technology on Eclipse.

regards the open source nature of Eclipse, he says that “in many ways
open source development is more rigorous than most commercial or IT
development” He adds that “Over 90% of the committers on Eclipse
projects are full-time paid employees of member companies”

Eclipse 3.1 will include the WebTools project 0.7 and Mike feels that “Eclipse is more or less shipping a great number of projects together
and we’re really hitting our stride by shipping a universal development
platform that spans the software development lifecycle, all the way
from modeling to application monitoring.”

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0 thoughts on “Modeling to Application Monitoring – Eclipse has it all

  • July 22, 2005 at 12:14 pm

    Open source projects disclosing contributor stats on the project is a good idea for the bigger projects maybe those with more than 25 developers or something.

    If a company like jBoss is doing all the stuff for hibernate or tomcat, it should be obvious to every user of the project. You also then can’t curse JBoss and praise Tomcat at the same time 🙂

    In the process, JBoss will also get due credit for work done.

    Similarly if IBM or Sun is doing 95% of Eclipse or Geronimo or Harmony or Netbeans or OpenOffice… the user will know and IBM and Sun will get credit without them having to spent big dollars for it and it seeming like they are taking over the project forcibly.

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