Jakarta Commons Book gets a 5 out of 5

A couple of days back, java.about.com posted a review of the book “Pro Jakarta Commons”.

The review says “Apache Jakarta Commons is a collection of approximately 20 free, open source reusable components. Their uses range from input validation, logging, manipulation of XML and Strings, connection pooling, etc. If you are a Java developer not using this library, I guarantee you are reinventing the wheel on many of your projects.”

“Harshad Oak has done the Java developer community a great service by providing this clear and succinct introduction and reference to the Apache Jakarta Commons project. Jakarta Commons consists of numerous small, reusable components that can be used by any developer on any Java project. I use Jakarta Commons on all of my projects–with this book in hand, now you can to”

Sometime back, JavaRanch.com gave the book an 8/10.

A lot of the credit for the book must go to the tech reviewers, John
Zukowski and Henri Yandell. Both ensured that I put in that little bit
extra that would make the book special.

Do have a look at:
> John’s interview @ The future of the Java platform lies in the mobile world
> Henri’s interview @ Open-Source keeps me ‘coding fit’

One hopes that the good response to the book also helps make Jakarta Commons more popular and widely adopted.

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